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Imaging is increasingly used in practice as a diagnostic aid and with the growing number of x-ray images acquired this places pressure on a practice to ensure they are safely stored and easily accessible.

VetHub provides a solution in a secure, easy to use platform to store digital x-rays, digital dental, ultrasound videos, CT, MRI, reports, digital photos and more.

VetHub is versatile and it’s software is extremely user friendly providing viewing of images throughout the practice/hospital in consult rooms, theatre, branch practices and at remote locations on mobile devices.

Sharing images with Referral Hospitals and Teleradiologists is easy yet the process is secure and allows you to retain control with a powerful audit trail.

VetHub is a sophisticated yet intuitive PACS system to suit all sizes of practice and will provide an essential role in the management of your x-rays .  If you would like to discover more about VetHub’s innovative features click here.

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