View from Anywhere, Anytime, Across All Imaging Types

The Vethub zero-footprint, HTML5 DICOM Viewer can be used through any web browser (MAC, PC, Mobile) — freeing you to access images from anywhere.

Support for All DICOM and Non-DICOM Imaging Types

The Vethub Viewer supports all DICOM imaging types from CRs and US to intensive imaging studies such as CT, MRI and Angio. And non-DICOM imaging can easily be wrapped with a DICOM header for quick storage and access too, with the added benefit of including handy DICOM tags for easier categorisation.

All Your Tools, On-the-Go 

The Vethub DICOM Viewer features simple-to-use viewing tools for annotating imaging studies along with hanging protocols and viewer customisation that enable an organisation to cater the viewing experience to specialty physicians and surgeons. 3-D manipulation tools also allow images to be scrolled through in each plane, while reference lines move accordingly in the other planes.

View from Anywhere, Anytime

Using Vethub’s browser-based mobile-friendly viewer, physicians can access patient images from any PC, Mac, or tablet, perform measurements, make annotations, compare images, and more. Vethub’s zero-footprint and mobile capabilities even improves patient visits. Tablets facilitate a collaborative approach based on visuals and enables care providers to explain procedures in a more comprehensive way.

Collaborate With Other Vets in Real Time

The built-in meeting tool gives vets the ability to invite colleagues to a session for a live case review and consult —the ultimate in online collaboration.

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