Protecting and securing your patient’s and owner’s data is Vethub’s number one priority.

Vethub has multiple security features baked into our platform, to ensure your stored veterinary images and patient records have ‘banking level security’, giving you piece of mind your studies can’t be affected by viruses, hacking, ransomware or hardware failure.


  • Patented Split-Merge Technology –
    • As part of the digital storage process, each study is automatically ‘split’ into two parts – the patient identifiable information and the images. All identifiable data is stored separately in an encrypted database, whilst the resulting anonymised images are stored uncompressed for rapid access and viewing. Splitting these two medical imaging elements apart for storage, ensures extremely robust and safe care of your data at rest.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting –
    • Vethub’s infrastructure is hosted alongside Crown Campus and Govt public services at data centres in England. Rigorous system, architecture and application security is in place to ensure your data is protected to similarly secure standards.
  • Built on UNIX, not Windows –
    • Vethub’s service runs on a Unix platform, known for its resilience, scalability, good security features and dependable performance. You need piece of mind that your data is always secure and always available – our service is designed and run to ensure just that.

In addition, role based user access and full auditability ensure data controllers can tightly lock down and restrict access based on organisation policies, and have exact records of who accessed what information, when, and what they did to it. An essential requirement for GDPR compliance and good practice information management.

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