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Lossless compression ensures fast viewing of images on any device such as PC, mobile device or tablet, so images can be viewed in the Consult Room, Theatre, Vet’s Office – thereby freeing up the busy x-ray room.  The VetHub web browser is based on a UNIX platform thereby eliminating Windows vulnerabilities and Active X issues associated with some web browsers. The VetHub DICOM viewer provides a full range of viewing tools and comparison can be made from images acquired on different dates and modalities.  Alternative DICOM viewers such as Osirix on Mac devices can also be used.

Image Sharing

VetHub uses a sophisticated range of image sharing functionality that is available such as sending an x-ray study guest link on an e-mail to a referring vet, client or farrier with secure password setup functionality if required, along with automated image sharing such as drop down with a list of pre set-up referring vets, teleradiologists, etc.  An audit trail is then available giving the user information on whether the images have been viewed, how many times, date & time viewed, etc. X-ray studies can also be exported to CD/DVD/ext hard disk.


Reports can be added to X-ray studies and uploaded to the VetHub account. Custom report templates can be used and voice recording capability is also available. The following two videos demonstrate how intuitive the software is from basic viewing to the sharing and reporting of images:

·         User Demonstration

·         Advanced Usage

Data Migration

Data migration is available on request should an existing PACS system be in place.

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